Monday, July 22, 2013

Emergency Flip-Flop Fix

This plastic bread tie can save your broken flip-flop
It's happened to everyone. You're out enjoying the summer with friends and family at the beach or park. Suddenly, with an awkward stumble, your cheap flip-flops break and you are left shoeless or spend the day repeatedly reassembling them and hoping they don't come apart (again.)

I recently learned a very clever trick for a quick and sturdy repair.

Find a plastic bread tie, the square, flat type with a hole and slit. They are commonly found on breads, rolls and buns.
Slide the button through the slit in the bread tie

Push the strap button through the hole and then, on the bottom of the shoe, slide on the bread tie through the slit. Position the flat plastic piece so it prevents the button from pulling out through the hole.

This simple repair should last a long time, at least until you can grab another pair of those cheap flip-flops.

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